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October 6, 2011

Is it too early to start posting about DIY costumes, pumpkin flavored everything, and Halloween crafts?  I hope not, because I can’t wait any longer.  I absolutely adore Halloween and all the things that are the month of October.  I been forcing my friends to make Halloween costumes by hand since college and will continue to push it until it's wildly inappropriate for me to be participating in the dress-up aspect of this holiday.  Each Thursday of this month I will be revisiting some of my favorite ones and detailing how you can do them yourself.  The crayon costumes below were BEYOND a big hit. Yellow crayon’s little sisters did this the year after we did they loved the idea so much.  I know you have probably seen a variation of this in recent times but we did these back in 2007, when we hadn’t seen anything like it before. We executed so well, we got to bring them out for a reprise in 2009!  It is important to note that all of these girls were able to make their own costumes, which should speak to how easy this really is, because minus myself and another girl or two, these ladies are not into crafts.

Also - my blog got a makeover, what do you think? (It will probably continue to tweak and change, but I hope this feels more organized)

What you will need

Needle and Thread
3 Yards of the color fabric you want to be
Black fabric paint
Black iron on letters
Shirt transfer paper (you just put it in your home printer)
Birthday hats
Acrylic paint that matches your fabric
A sleeveless dress that you are comfortable in
12 inch zipper

  1. Your fabric should come folded in half lengthwise.  Make sure the folded end is the top to make it look neat and straight.  Fold that in half again (so now you should have four layers). 
  2. On top of these layers, trace the dress that you chose with about two or three inches to spare on the outline and then cut.
  3. Sew one side (all four layers) together. On the other side, sew starting from the bottom-up but stop when there is just enough room for the zipper to fit.
  4. Sew each side of the zipper on to each side of the fabric (two layers each) with the front of the zipper facing the inside of the dress you are sewing (it will be turned inside out at the end).
  5. Now your dress is done, so turn it inside out and try it on in case you need to make any adjustments (this is why you leave a few inches to spare so can make it smaller if needed by sewing further inside your outline).
  6. Paint your party hat the desired color and let it dry.
  7. Paint two black waves on the top and bottom  along one side of the dress and let it dry.  Then do the other side.
  8. Iron on your crayon color name with the letters to the butt.
  9. Print the “Crayola” trademark on your printer paper, cut and iron onto the front.
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Who wishes they were a coloring book for Halloween?
Yes, this picture looks funny.  I had to remove the inappropriately named color..(it waaas college after all)

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  1. Such a cute group costume - like a whole box of crayolas. Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

    I thought you might like to know about a creative costume contest over at http://www.halloweenhero.com/costume-contest-2013.html - there is a $250 grand prize!

    Here's to another successful Halloween.



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