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October 9, 2011

One of my favorite things in life is doing other people's hair & makeup.  Maybe is the Jerz in me, but I love big hair and pushing others outside of their comfort zone.  My friend Lauren was nice enough to let me have full creative control over her locks one night.  Featured below is one version of a fancied-up pony tail (there are sooo many ways to do this though).

These are great because they are so versatile.  If you're just going for coffee, out on the town, or even to a special event, you can get away with this do.  The best part is as far as styling goes, its low on the skill-scale.

My guinea pig, Lauren.
1.  Separate the hair in half. Clip the bottom half together so you can work with the top.
2.  Now separate the top half into four layers of hair.  Leave the first layer of hair closest to your forehead alone.  It needs to stay smooth to go over the teased layers. Tease the middle two with hair spray and a comb or brush at the very bottom.  Start with the second layer, then the third.
3. For those with thicker hair use that fourth layer to make a little bun with some bobbi pins for extra "oomph."  Those with thinner hair can just tease this one as well.

Make a baby bun with that twist of hair.

4.  Now Pull all the layers back over the bun and pin it there, then take all of the hair (including the hair pined over the bun) and put it in a hair elastic.
5.  Take a small piece of hair from the bottom of the elastic and wrap it around the band to make it invisible. Secure with bobbi pins.

6.  Take out the pins holding the hair over the bun and you are finished!

Isn't this awesome?

This is one I did SANS-bun in extra thin hair (same result).

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  1. This is really pretty!




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