..Cupcake Costumes

October 13, 2011

These costumes are even easier than the crayons and who doesn’t love cupcakes?  They cost very little to make and are super comfy.

What you need:
Matching white (or whatever color) tank tops for the “candle stick”
Brown opaque tights (or white if you want to be vanilla?)
A headband covered in cloth (so you can glue or sew the flame onto it)
One piece of felt in every color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, & white (to make the flame and sprinkles).
Four yards of tulle in your choice color (I am chocolate here)
One yard of elastic
Small piece of cardboard
Hot glue gun/glue sticks

Flame headband:
1. Draw the shape of the flame for your head on the piece of cardboard and cut it out.
2. Trace it on your yellow felt and cut one piece for both sides and glue around the cardboard.  Cut smaller orange flames and glue them onto each side as well.
3. Hot glue (or sew) the bottom of the flame to your headband and wear!

Tutu (frosting):

1. Cut your tulle into as many 6 inch wide by 3 feet long strips as it will make.
2. Lay out your elastic into a straight line.  Take a strip of tulle and fold in half (lengthwise) over the elastic making an “A” shape (the elastic is the middle line) 
3. Now pull the two legs of your “A” and put them under the elastic, through the top of the “A” and pull tight. 
4. Do this with every strip of tulle you made, sliding the ties close together as you do it.  This makes the full tutu.
5. Cut your felt into little oblong ovals for sprinkles (I did 20 of each color) and hot glue them to the tulle, make them more concentrated at the waistline and getting sparser at the bottom.
6. Now walk your “sweet” ass to that Halloween party!

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  1. this is one of my favorite costumes you've done. this and mario. sooo cute.


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