..Hot Cocoa Therapy

November 9, 2011

Sometimes the day needs to end with a big mug of hot cocoa. Especially ones where you may or may not have fallen backward into a window (not out the window don't worry) during a company wide meeting that also happened to be on webcam to connect to our other office because you thought the window cover was a wall you could lean on because there were no more seats left in the conference room. You know if that were to happen to you this might help is all I'm sayin'.  I am a big believer in making it on the stove-top as well.  The microwave just doesn't feel as authentic. Giant marshmallows are also required to complete your hot cocoa therapy session.


  1. omg its so cold this am and that hot coco looks AMAZING

    love from San Francisco,

  2. I love hot chocolate milk!
    I like your blog! Wanna follow eachother? Let me know when you follow me and I follow back!

  3. Oh my goodness! I've ending my last two blustery days with a mug of hot coco post dinner! Loving it!

    xo chanel

  4. my favorite hot cocoa is the peppermint kind they sell during the holidays at Williams Sonoma ... incred!

  5. i love melty smelty marshmellows in cocoa. Oh welcome winter time :)


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