..Flying Fox by LUSH

February 7, 2013

I'm currently coveting the "Flying Fox" shower gel by LUSH Cosmetics.

I am a luxury product junkie, so when I read Emily's interview in the Coveteur I knew I had to try out this "Flying Fox" shower gel she was raving about.  Turns out, it really is as amazing as she describes.  I love the scent of jasmine (like crackhead style, when its around I can't stop sniffing it), it's what makes me stop in my tracks when we pass it on walks with the dog, so this was just right for me.  It's aromatherapy in my shower.  All natural, lathery, orgasmic, fragrant deliciousness. I keep catching little whiffs of it when I walk around and it makes my mood boost on the spot. I HIGHLY recommend to any and all jasmine lovers. 


  1. Mmm.. scent is my favorite sense. I'm all about lavender and mint. I want it everywhere in every thing. It's in almost every bathroom product I have.... I'll probably stop into Lush next time I'm at the mall to sniff this haha

  2. I might have to check this out :) I dont know if I've ever smelled jasmine..

    xo Ashley


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