..Leather Pencil Skirts

August 22, 2013

..Leather Pencil Skirts
One | Two | Three | Four

While I have a leather mini on hand for those occasions where I want to feel a bit more edgy, I can only break it out every so often because well, it's a tiny leather mini skirt. I have recently been eyeing up the more sophisticated, conservative, (possibly) safe for work version of the leather skirt: the pencil. I am really hoping for a cross between the pockets on number three and the length on four (please clue me in if this exists somewhere). What do you guys think? Me like! 

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  1. No pockets at all unless your are very thin.

  2. Oooh I like a lot! :-)


  3. um, one of each please!!!
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  4. I love #2! The quilted detailing is so pretty! I have a skirt with leather panels on the front & back that I am able to get by w/ at work, thankfully lol did you order one yet?

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