..Christmas Wishlist All Under $100

December 17, 2014

..Christmas Wishlist All Under $100

I know things can get a little repetitive and overwhelming with gift guides around this time of year for anyone who spends time reading blogs, and I definitely don't want to inundate you with another one, so this year I have opted to not do any! I mean, who am I to tell you what to buy for your loved ones, right? Right. I have, however, come up with a wishlist of my own which usually (selfishly) helps my friends, family, and boyfriend out as I have been told I am a hard person to shop due to my particular taste.

In general, when I am gifting others, I try to stay away from things that they'd probably need to try on first (shoes, bottoms, etc), which leaves me in a few fool proof safety zones: beauty, accessories, home decor, and cozy lounge wear. I really feel like no girl has ever said they have enough earrings, clutches, perfume, or fancy candles. We just love them, we always want more, it's in our DNA. These are some things that fall into those categories that I would be MORE than excited to see under the tree this year.

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  1. I feel tempted to buy those earrings for myself, they're on sale!


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