November 29, 2016

..Tiny Apartment Update: DIY Gallery Wall

The deets: Framebridge photos in the "Irvine Slim"; Super-Rural "For Like Ever" print in a frame from Michael's; Target art here and here.

It's taken me being two months off the wedding train but I have finally picked up the nesting bug again. We moved into our new place only a week after getting engaged (brand new here, little unfinished home tour here) so decorating really took quite the back seat to wedding planning. Now that I have the time I decided to tackle a small "gallery wall." Our planner put one of the "For Like Ever" posters up at our wedding so I wanted one of my own because it makes me smile. I then chose my favorite pics from the year and added a couple cute target finds. It needs some more additions but were off to a good start.

November 23, 2016



This year I am most thankful for all the love that surrounds me and for the opportunities I have to give that love back. It makes me feel whole and unchanged as the underdog against time. I wake up each day so happy to be living the life that I have, by some miracle, created - and that is truly the greatest gift. Love your family, love your friends, love yourself (especially). You wont regret it.


November 9, 2016

..Comfortably Fall


My grandparents renewed their vows last weekend so I took a trip up to NJ to celebrate with them. My teenage cousin Sarah snapped these photos of me after the reception. A mini skirt was a bold move for a wedding but the dress I originally planned ended up not working and this was the only other outfit I packed. It actually ended up being pretty appropriate as the reception DJ was straight out the club - I will never forget dancing in a circle with my aunts, grandma, and teenage cousins to "Shots" by LMFAO. It was hilarious and sweet at the same time. It's always great to have an excuse to go spend time with family and the cherry on top was an insanely gorgeous November day, the no coat required kind of Saturday. I love how I basically blend in with the Fall scenery with my olive sweater and floral tapestry skirt.


November 7, 2016

..A Bridal Party "Getting Ready Outfit" Alternative

The deets: Old Navy chambray; patches and pins from various Etsy sellers including Craft Boner, Wildflower & Co, Winks for Days, KodiakMilly & Photos by Alexander Johnnides for Pat Furey Photography.

This might be one of my most favorite posts of all time. Not only because it is of one of the most fun crafts I ever did but because it includes all the faces of all my favorite humans. It's a photo heavy post but I think that's okay because look how adorable they are. 

I realized early into my engagement that my favorite thing about the getting married process was getting to do special things for my ladies (see their bridesmaid ask boxes here). We were going to spend four hours at a salon the morning before the wedding which was in a very public downtown area so the usual robes and jammies (while I love a good Plum Pretty Sugar set) didn't seem appropriate. There wasn't too much else available in this arena that I was into so after seeing Lena Dunham's Instagram (here and here) of her custom sequin bridesmaid skirts a light bulb went on. The patch trend was coming in hot and I loved the idea of making funny custom chambray shirts for them based on their personalities and style. I made one for myself that was the same shirt but in white and got the bride emoji and some other fun ones. I had my stylish bestie help me place them on the shirts to make sure they didn't come out too "arts & crafts" looking.  We started out by making the groups of pins and patches by person, then she would arrange them and I would iron. It was a pretty efficient little workshop we had going...and we went through a few bottles of wine which is always a good time. I told all my girls they could show up in whatever bottoms they wanted which made it really easy. They also were great for hair and makeup because you could just unbutton them off and didn't need to worry about messing your glam up by pulling anything over your head. Check out the end result! These photos make my heart just warm right up because they take me back to one of the best mornings of my whole life! So much fun and love and awesomeness.