August 16, 2017

..Work Wear

The deets: J.Crew dress (almost out, similar under $40!) & necklace (sold out, similar, love this one); Banana Republic heels (similar); Quay sunnies; Kate Spade bag (similar); Knox Thomas Designs bracelets; Kat Von D liquid lipstick in "Bachelorette."

Per my reader survey I know you would like me to share more work outfits. There are two major problems that really get in the way of this happening. The first is I don't have a fancy photographer or do weekend "shoots" to capture a bunch of looks at once and then share them later. I just have a friend or husband photograph me when I am actually wearing whatever I share on here - there isn't really a whole lot of time for me to take photos of a work look before work since my husband leaves before I even roll out of bed and also every second counts for me before 9:00am #notamorningperson. The second is because I never get around to it in real time, the stuff ends up selling out and what's the point of sharing if ya'll can't get any of the stuff I am wearing? I decided I will try to be better at this by attempting to recreate one look from the week on the weekend if I can and then link to similar items so you guys at least get the over all vibe, how does that sound? Please yay or nay me on this.

Anyway - I wore this outfit my first week at my new job (I think on day three to be exact) and I love reaching for it becaue its so darn easy for the summer. Dress with puffy sleeves (basically PJs) a statement necklace and lace-ups (to make it seem less like PJs). Done!


August 14, 2017

..An Awesome Cocktail Class - Alchemia Americano!

Full Bar
Photos by Jonny Dubon. Event hosted by Coppi's OrganicFabian Malone, and Sean Douglas.

Do you like day drinking?
Do you like learning?
Do you like pizza?
Do you enjoy the company of friends and a bomb bartender while you do the aforementioned things?

If the answer to these questions is yes (and if it's no we probably can't be friends), you need to check out this brand spanking new cocktail class being offered at Coppi's Organic in Cleveland Park. Weather you are a DC area local or traveling through for a weekend trip or bachelorette this is such a fun thing to put on your calendar. I was invited with a coupe other locals to preview the class before it actually opens up to the public.

The bartender, Fabian Malone (@roninbartender) takes you on a history trip through all the different kinds of alcohols you will be taste testing before getting into the actual cocktails. In our case we ran through roughly eight different rums from all over the world. We learned how each of them were distilled and how that process came to be. We then crafted our own Jungle Birds and a wicked Peach Coconut Batida (which I am holding below, clearly my favorite). The first official class that will be offered is called 'Alchemia Americano,' where you will get to make four different cocktails (not all rums - and do some tastings first of course), and eat some delicious organic pizza (to make sure your buzz stays a buzz and not a blackout). The whole thing is super fun and you get to #DrinkAsYouLearn. Seating is pretty limited so get your tickets now if you want in (here). I am thinking this would be a great birthday gathering or gift, a bachelorette party event, or just for folks who are interested in making better cocktails.

The deets for 'Alchemia Americano'

When: September 3rd from 1p-4p
Where: Coppi's Organic in Cleveland Park, 3321 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC
How Much: $125/person (includes the tasting, four cocktails, pizza)
Tickets:  Find Tickets Here via Open Table.

erin looking away
lookin at glasses
erin back shaking
girls pouring
clear bottle
drink close up
erin at bar
pay attention
Sneak Peak Peeps

August 3, 2017

..Wrapped & Ruffled

The deets: J.Crew skirt (also here) & earrings (old, similar embellished tortoise concept here); Brixton hat; Madewell heels (similar, similar under $30); Chanel sunnies (also heresimilar under $20); Alexander Wang bag (similar stud idea, similar under $80); Zara tank (similar).

I wore this little outfit last Friday in NJ when I was visiting my family. It was perfect for the extreme heat. I strolled the mall with my little teenage cousin, met my other cousin and sister for a seafood dinner, and then spent the rest of the night laughing and rose-ing with everyone. I know these sunnies are outrageously priced but long story short - an issue with my eye doctor resulted in me getting them for a steal. I aaaaalso know I wear these shoes like every damn day, but they truly are the perfect cross between function and fashion so they are called on a LOT.  How is it already August? I am already getting whatever the Sunday scaries version of the summer being over is!

Side note - for as long as I have been blogging I haven't used a real photo editor. I recently invested in Lightroom and it is AMAZING. I color corrected these green ass trees like a PROFESH! I mean I am still learning and very ameture but.....#killinit.


July 27, 2017

..Sunny Stripes

The deets: J.Crew dress (old, love this one, this one is also cute under $55) & hat (old, similar); Karen Walker sunnies (similar under $12); Lancome lipstick in 377; Banana Republic cardi (old, similar); Loeffler Randal sandals (similar under $40); Old Navy crossbody bag (old, very similar).

I'm currently on my way to NJ to enjoy a long weekend with my sister to find out what the sex of her baby is and maybe hit the beach! We are having a little gender reveal lunch for her and I want to get some cute photos of the two expecting parents as well. I wore this outfit last weekend to have some impromptu brunch with my in-laws. I think people must think I am so #extra all the time with the hats but they just feel like armor for my face against the sun and it's been incredibly hot these last couple of weeks - like 100 degree situations. I don't mess around, plus they also just look KYEWT..ok? 
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July 26, 2017

..Four Favorites

Four Favs

It's been a minute since my last "Four Favorites" series post but here are a few things that are currently my JAM.

1. I have been on a statement earring kick for about five years now and it doesn't seem to be something I am going to grow out of. These little beauties have been on my mind since they basically feel like the color-wheel I base my entire existence on.

2. My sis is pregnant (yay) and we are thinking a fall baby shower since she is due in December. I have been pinning cute "little pumpkin-esque" things for inspo here!

3. I moved offices recently and decided to jazz up my cube space. These little animal head push-pins and magnets were super adorable and super affordable. It's really the little things that being me joy during the work day.

4. Wunderlist is the app that is currently running my entire life. I make running grocery lists, work lists, cleaning schedules, reminders, I even note work outfits so I have something to refer to when I am in a hurry in the morning and don't know what to wear. It is the BEST.

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July 17, 2017

..Puppy Kisses

The deets: J.Crew shorts (also here, mostly sold out but these are great and under $40); Sincerely Jules tee; Madewell heels (similar under $35); Brixton hat; Clare V. clutch (similar under $50); Quay sunnies.

I wore this outfit to a chill wine night with some girlfriends last weekend. I know summer has lots of fun shapes and prints to offer but sometimes comfort in a basic t-shirt is where it's at. I added the hat because I am a big fan of sun protection in any way for my face which came in handy because we did dinner al fresco. 

You might also notice a special guest this week, my sweet pup, Alba. She is seriously the best doggy model I think she should start her own blog! Can't you just see it... Paws and the Pavement or Bones on the Boulevard, a lifestyle blog by a golden retriever. LOL. Let's be real she is the star of this post!

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