..New Year Thoughts 2017

January 9, 2017

Photo from last October when we were venue hunting for our wedding in NJ.

I have never been one to stick to set "resolutions." Honestly, who can? I'd like to meet one of the aliens with these super powers. You basically set yourself up for failure and a heaping serving of self loathing when you can't execute the impossible. I didn't even set any resolutions for myself in 2016 and that year went pretty darn swimmingly for me so I know they definitely aren't a requirement for success or happiness. I do, however, think that while last year was amazing, I tend to get complacent when things aren't thrust in front of me. So, because I'm not huge on "resolutions," or even it's less stuck up cousin "goals," I think I can get comfortable with selecting an over-arching "theme" for 2017. Themes are like the cool-mom version of resolutions. The most loose interpretation of the idea, like a target with a bulls-eye takes up 75% of the board and the outer 25% is still considered a "you did great" zone. The "participation trophy" if you will. A theme is the opposite of setting yourself up for failure, it's setting yourself up to be elated with a mediocre performance..which sounds good to me. So, without further ado, the theme I have selected is (drum roll please)... transformation & self-love. Here are just a few of the items that hope to have crossed off my list by December.

1. I want to actually USE the airline credits that I received in 2016 that will expire this year. Go somewhere new, take a weekend to just have fun. Treat myself. Much of my vacation was used on wedding planning last year and while it was super awesome, I need to switch it up from my usual NJ long weekends.

2. I want to do something active (workout, go for a long walk, take a class) 8-10x/month. I know people who work out regularly will think that's nothing but ...baby steps here. I purchased a bunch of cute workout clothes as motivation and it's actually pretty effective.

3. Break out my camera more, learn it's features better. Take more photos of my friends and life (if they allow me).

4. I need to add more fulfillment to my life to transform it a little. This means doing things that I deem scary and breaking from my very comfortable routine, following my heart more, and finding passion.

5. Be a better friend, relative and human in general. I always beat myself up over not making the call or sending the package or even shooting an email. If I take the time to just do the things I intend I'll be nicer to myself later.

6. Keep bringing content to this blog even if it's different so it can transform with me.

7. Keep things simple. Don't worry about the things and relationships I can not change. Don't sweat the small stuff.

8. Be nice to myself. I don't want to be a person that sets that kind of tone anymore. I imagine if I have a family one day I wouldn't want my children to emulate those vibes. In order to be able to set good examples for the little ones in my life (be it friends babies or my own future ones) I need to start with me.

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