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December 31, 2016

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I know everyone else on planet earth is all like #GTFO2016 but I have to go against the grain here and say it was my favorite year ever. Selfishly, it's definitely because it sort of felt like #theyearofErin and those special years don't just pop up all the time so I want to take the time to properly savor it and show appreciation for 2016 and all the amazing humans that made it so incredible. Here are my top eleven (I tried for ten but just couldn't give one the boot) reasons why it was the effing GREATEST.

1. Our freezing cold engagement shoot that I will cherish forever. The memory of warming up at Faustini's for some wine tasting after just was magic to me.

2. I nested like a mofo. We are still a work in progress but it's my favorite apt we've lived in to date!

3. I got to spend MDW at the actual beach this year! Again, riding the Coastal Highway beach bus with my fiance down the main strip, playing mini golf, and sampling every kind of sweet Ocean City, MD had to offer - flavored popcorn, salt water taffy, ice cream (we split them all) feels like remembering something really special.

4. The most incredible bachelorette party of all time. I actually have guilt about it because I know I will never be able to return the favor - it was that good.

5. I turned 30 and actually liked it! Surprised myself.

6. I was spoiled with the most beautiful showers in VA, NJ, and CT.

7. I survived wedding planning and got married! It was pretty much the best day of my life hands down. I wont get all mushy but nothing can compare. This day alone would make 2016 my favorite year of life.

8. I went on a really awesome honeymoon, some photo evidence here, here, here, and here. We really just went for it all around. You only get one and the trip just feels so amazing and romantic and unique. 

9. I really just felt a continuous stream of love - maybe it's always there but I got to look it in the eyes and give it a big open mouthed kiss this year. Very present indeed.

10. I got to spend my first Christmas with my new husband's family.

11. I am ringing in the New Year in the same fashion that I have basically lived in this past one, spending a candle lit night with my new husband at a fancy dinner at Casa Luca. What's one more romantic night for us in 2016? It was the year of love for me anyway!

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