May 23, 2017

..How I Transformed My Apartment's Outdoor Space for Under $500


So it only took me 1.5 years and a nudge from one of my bests but I finally got my act together and decided to make use of my huge terrace area. As a renter, this kind of space is unheard of. Normally you get a "balcony" that has about as much use as a wet match in the dark if you know what I mean. Our last one wasn't even wide enough for one chair let alone a whole table so this is a REAL luxury, especially in Arlington, VA. We also like to let Alba, our pup, roam around while we eat dinner out there. It's a game changer. ANYWAY, the point of this post is to share how I did the entire thing for under $500 without having to sacrifice style. Those "all in one" sets that fall in the price range I was looking for just weren't what I had envisioned so I decided to take it seriously and get a plan going. I talked recently on how I do not like to invest a lot in apartment pieces because they are so tailored to a space you might move from in this post. My same top five rules apply here. I got it in my head I wouldn't go a cent over $500 and I stuck to it. You may think that isn't that cheap but considering one single chair can run you over half that cost I think I have achieved something special here. I basically added a extremely usable and practical additional room to our apartment! We already had the plates, utensils, napkin rings, and glasses from our wedding registry but everything else is new.

Table: $79
Rug: $60
4 Chairs: $165 ($41 each)
Leaf napkins: $25
String lights: $35
Tree: $50
Light holders: $19
Basket: $35
Planter: $15
Grand total: $485

May 17, 2017

..The Coziest White Cotten Dress

The deets: Moon River dress; Loeffler Randall scallop heels (similar under $70, under $35); Old Navy crossbody (sold out but this one is similar); Karen Walker sunnies (similar under $11); Baublebar necklace.

I wore this little white dress on the most gorgeous sunny Mother's Day last weekend. We had a very delicious lunch at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and afterward Mike and I finished up some last minute work on our terrace area (I will be sharing details on the blog soon). The dress was perfect for the over-indulgent afternoon since it's nice and billowy in the food baby region. I have some family coming to visit from out of town this weekend so I'm taking off Friday to play tourist in my own city, I may be breaking it out again for that since it's so comfortable!


May 15, 2017

..A Target Dress for a DC Wedding


I had a very "DC" wedding to attend last weekend, it was held at a really chic art gallery right next to one of our favorite bars and we never even knew it was there. We headed into Church Key for a pre ceremony drink then walked over to Fathom Gallery where they had a gorgeous rooftop wedding and reception. I wasn't planning on wearing this dress but the day was much colder then originally anticipated and my only appropriate jacket was a leather one so I bacially changed my whole look around that. I had picked up this dress impulsively at Target (like most things I buy from there, duh) and it seemed like the perfect time to wear it.


May 8, 2017

..5 Tips for Decorating on a Budget

CC Home

I, like many of you, am not yet a homeowner. I looove my modern open sun-filled apartment but investing thousands of dollars into a space that I keep changing every couple of years (I have moved three times since turning 25) doesn't make sense. I am a SERIOUS bargain huntress when it comes to home decor for this reason and also because frankly home shit is HELLA expensive and I ain't about that $4,500 for a bookshelf life. Here are some of my tippy tip tips.

1. Do your research. The rug pictured above is selling at Target ($309) for nearly double what is sells for here at Overstock ($165) and it is the exact same thing and size! I usually find a style I like and then do a google image search for it (Catfish style) and see where else it pops up!

2. DIY (if you can). It really doesn't take a whole lot of talent to replicate some of your favorite pieces out there. I painted the two unframed ones above with some $1 acrylic paints and Michael's canvases. I duped a beautiful Megan Carn painting. The original was going to set me back $800 so I settled for my less amazing but still fun version.

3. Craigslist is your friend. This seems obvious to me but I got my coffee table above on there for $40 from someone who lived a few blocks over from me!

4. I make a rule that I don't pay over $100 for anything unless I absolutely have to (couch, rug, etc). Seems a little crazy but when you are fixated on finding something with that goal in mind it changes things. I found my bar cart when it was on sale for $87 dollars at Joss & Main. Even the target ones were selling for over $100 then so it made me really search my butt off!

5. Nail down exactly what you are looking for instead of perusing every option. For example I had endless options for a desk chair. I could get tufted, rolling, arms, no arms, and thousands of different fabrics. I figured out I actually wanted a ghost chair and went from there. These things can go for upwards of $400 (shown here)! I used my first and fourth rules and researched the heck out of them until I found one for under $100 there is one that looks pretty much identical to that $400 one for $69 here. It really helps to know what you are looking for.

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May 2, 2017

..A Simple Linen Dress Two Ways

The deets: J.Crew cardi (similar); Michael Kors bag (similar, similar under $30) BB Dakota dress (also here); Madewell heels (also here, similar under $30); Quay sunnies; Knox Thomas Designs necklace. Second look: Loeffler Randall heels (also here, similar under $35) & GAP hat (sold out, similar here).

I wore this baby blue linen button down dress to Easter Sunday. I snaps some photos of it but then wore it again this past weekend for a baby boy shower and liked it even better the second time around so I unintentionally am showing it styled to ways today! One with a cardi, one with a hat. Either way this dres is a cozy breezy dream. I do have a bigger chest and did adjust it after the first ware by taking up the straps and sewing down the middle area between a couple buttons (you can see the fit is clearly better the second time) but it only took all of ten minutes and one minimergency kit to get there. Happy Tuesday!

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