..Red Fuzzy Love

August 31, 2017

The deets: H&M tee; J.Crew shorts & hat (similar); Anthropologie earrings (gift, similar); Alexander Wang bag (similar on sale for under $55); Loeffler Randall wedges (also here); Nixon watch (c/o).

In general I like to let my intuition and over all gut feeling about things guide how I navigate all aspects of my life. It's led me so far to a happy marriage, a solid group of amazing friends, and a job that I don't hate to go to every day which in today's world is something to be proud of. Even though it wouldn't look like much to someone on the outside, I wake up most mornings feeling so thankful for the life I have created for myself - which then by the universe's law of attraction brings me closer to more things to be thankful for. It's a mentality that I strive to stay within as best I can. I know it sounds silly, but when I saw this t-shirt hanging in H&M it just gave me a warm seventies flower child vibe that instantly made me feel like I absolutely needed to have it. When I wore it this day, a night we were hosting some friends for GoT night, my husband looked at me and said "Red Fuzzy Love, huh?" and smiled at me (bless him for enduring my quirky sense of style). It made me think..that must be why I was so drawn to it. Everyone could use a little extra "fuzzy love," however you bring those vibes into your life, be it a loved one, a stranger, or a tee shirt.

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