..Our Newborn Photoshoot & 3 Reasons You Should Book One

October 25, 2018

The deets: All photos by Emily Belson Photography; My dress; Isla's bubble; all nursery details here.

Hi! I haven't popped in in a couple weeks but hey, thats life with a new baby. We got our newborn shoot photos back a couple weeks ago and I love them so much I wanted to share on the blog! Emily did an awesome job! If you live in the DMV area you should 1000% book her for your family's special moments or events.  She also did a blog post on our shoot you can read here.  

Also instead of just posting a bunch of pretty pictures I wanted to make my case for why you should  go ahead and book a newborn shoot because I know some people are on the fence about them. I also posted previously about why you should book an engagement shoot here.

1. You don't need to go the cheeseball 90's Anne Geddes route (but you totally can if that is your thing). We wanted to just capture some really relaxed and natural pictures of us in this special time. We picked out a simple outfit we both loved for her in the last month of my pregnancy while we were out on a date in Georgetown which also felt really special. We placed her in her changing table basket for a few shots but the rest were just really simple. Our photographer just knew what we were looking for and was able to get natural shots that we love and feel truly represent this precious time.

2. Speaking of time - you can't really delay! Make sure you book your shoot before birth because most photographers need at least a month to figure out when to fit you in and I also learned that babies start to get less - well - adorable a few weeks after birth so you want to schedule it in that two week mark (ours were done on day 12). Their hair starts to thin out around their fast growing head and they get baby acne around week three sometimes so you want to get your pictures done before that starts to happen. I know it's a little vein but I'm being honest here!

3. The two weeks after you have your baby go by at an EXPONENTIALLY fast rate. It's all a blur! Isla is only 7 weeks old and her true "newborn" days feel like ages ago. I hardly remember her being that tiny already so I am so happy we captured her and our family that way. Even though I still have my postpartum bump showing, I look so tired in the eyes, and the swelling in my legs and feet had not gone away yet (and are all clearly visible in these photos) - I don't regret putting them out there one bit because it's all part of the experience and a true representation of that tiny magical slice of life.  When I look at these pictures I want to tear up because I remember the love and excitement of getting acquainted with my little girl.

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