March 28, 2018

..Some Sh*t No One Tells You About Your First Trimester & an Outfit

The deets: Le Specs sunnies; Zara dress (not maternity - just went up a size! These similar styles would also be great here, here, and here) & heels (similar in a flat version); Topshop jacket; Kate Spade bag (similar, super cute under $17).

Hello. This is a PSA written by 9 week pregnant me coming to chat with you from the past, or since I hope this post maybe sheds some light to those that were as clueless as I was - it's past me talking to the super super past pre-pregnancy me (hey time is like supposedly a big illusion right? Just roll with it). Hopefully by the time I hit "post" on this one I will have pushed on into the other side feeling like a real human again and wondering how the heck I ever made it through. Praying that future me has figured that out. I decided while I am in the thick of it, feeling all these feelings, I would write a post and share it with my readers in the event that they too did not know the ugly underbelly of the first 12. This may not happen for everyone but it did happen to me (insert "the more you know" rainbow here).

1. You will not feel like a whole human person for WEEKS on end. Remember how you used to laugh at your favorite shows, learn things from your favorite podcasts on your morning commute, work out, cook meals and enjoy food, and oh yeah, BLOG? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HA. HA. HA. Those things are dead to you now. All the preggie pops, ginger chews, and sea bands in the world can not cure this feeling.

2. Morning sickness should really be called ALL MOTHER EFFING DAY sickness. The things you have purchased on Amazon this month would tell a story alone. One of those purchases is to-go barf bags in bulk after a particularly traumatizing metro experience involving projectile vomit after having a green smoothie for breakfast. Side note: not one person will ask you if you are okay, they will walk around you like you are part of the decor and get on with their day. City. Life.

3. Even WATER will taste disgusting to you. WTF. This was totally a surprise to me but there is this lovely thing called "Dysgeusia" that some pregnant woman get and guess what...lucky for you, you got it! Thers is no getting rid of that just licked a dirty penny taste for god knows how long.

4. You get to feel hungover everyday without the joy of the cocktail the night before. Remember in your early twenties when you had that love-hate relationship with Thursday night happy hours which were SUPER fun but like, always made pushing through Friday the WORST? Trying to quell your queasy stomach and struggling to keep your eyelids open past 2pm? Wanting to carbo load at lunch and then nap under your desk? Well weeks 7-12 are basically like that GROUNDHOG DAY STYLE. 

5. Your body changes right away. I used to think you basically get to live you life normally for three months while you wait for your cute bump to arrive. No. You will be squishy all over pretty much right away and start burping like a 300 pound sailor immediately. This is due to all the extra progesterone in your system slowing down your digestion making you gassy and bloated AF. Also I never felt more pain in my boobs in my life because of all the extra blood pumping through your very sensitive areas (another amazon gem here). It is weird, folks.

6. You will have the scent capabilities of a highly trained police dog. I almost murdered my husband in his sleep for making chicken after I went to bed. The smell of the chicken baking (he was making a bunch for his lunch for the week) kept me awake and ANGRY. I actually ordered surgical masks (good old Amazon strikes again) in a diva moment/fit of rage. Stock up on that fa-breeze.

7. You get a ton of blood taken from you. Okay, I know...duh! I should have expected this but for some reason in my head I thought I'd give blood once, it would suck but they would do all the things they need to do with it from there. No. You give three vials of blood at week 8, then MORE VIALS again at week 10, then they prick your finger again at week 12. If you are squeamish about it like me then be prepared. I did not like the surprise second and third rounds!

And that ends my story of the first three months. I hear the "magical-you're-glowing-miracle-of-life"  stuff kicks in after. I will report back.

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March 20, 2018

..The Size of an Avocado

The deets: ASOS dress (not maternity - just went up a size); Soludos sneakers. All photos are by Erin Krespan.

Surprise! I'm pregnant. This actually may not be a total surprise to many as I have been pretty MIA on the blog and social media for the last couple of months due to a very rough first trimester. People kept saying that I seemed to be sick a lot and had a sneaking suspicion that I could be and, well, that was absolutely true! I could barely be vertical most days so blogging was a mountain I just couldn't climb for a minute. We don't know what we are having yet but we do know that baby Soybel or my little "soybean" is the size of an avocado now that I am in my 16th week. I wanted to include my husband in the announcement photos and since normally he's my photographer I tapped Erin to take them for us (which is why they are so pretty). I love how they came out so sorry in advance for how photo heavy this post is! I feel so lucky to be doing this with my husband who truly is my favorite person in the world. You don't see much of him around here (except for maybe a wedding post or two) because he's very camera shy but I couldn't love him more. We are filled with both excitement and a little terror for being first time parents - the baby is coming a little sooner than we thought and will be bringing him or her home to our one bedroom apartment for a few months until we make a plan to move (will blog more on this later). On the plus side I am physically feeling much better these days so I hope to be able to share more of our experiences with you. The blog won't become a full on "mommy blog" but I do hope to incorporate our life as it's always changing and I like to keep it real. Thank you for all the love and support all these years (and for sticking with me when I go off the grid)! 

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March 16, 2018

..Love First

The deets: J.Crew tee; F21 sunnies; Madewell booties (similar) and jeans (similar); Topshop jacket; KTD bar neckalce; Alexander Wang bag (similar, similar under $70). 

A good friend that works in the fashion biz once told me smart fashionistas mix their high and low stuff together and get away with looking more expensive since you don't know what's what. Well I don't think it gets any more high and low (in MY closet anyway) than a pair of my least expensive sunnies (under $8) with an Alexander Wang cross-body. I was just feeling the hippie vibe and thought my most John Lennon eye-ware would be the best fit for a tee with "Love First" on it as well as my trusty bar necklace that I wear almost every day that has my wedding date. My sis snapped these photos while I was visiting her at the end of February. We met my brother and Dad for a little NJ diner breakfast, which is my favorite kind. Simply walking into the shiny dated establishments and getting a whiff that distinct and delicious diner smell makes me happy.

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March 8, 2018

..15 Ways to Brighten Your Work Space

..15 Ways to Brighten Your Work Space

Hi, it's me. I am not dead. I know it's been about a month since you've heard from me but I had some inspiration strike for a post so here I am back in the blog saddle. I came up with the idea for this post for two reasons. First, I very recently paid of my student loan (WOO HOO! - which was a 15 year loan that I paid off five years early #getthatdirtoffyashoulda) and it had me remembering how I felt in the spring of 2008, newly graduated and not sure about what the future held for me except that I'd likely be working behind a computer screen in a dimly lit cubicle. Ten years later - while my offices have changed a few times over the years - I still do. Secondly, If you are like me, you might need that little bit of joy from small things around you to get you through the mundane workday. These little pieces of cheer really do bring me happiness so I wanted to share these fifteen things. They would all also make AWESOME new graduate gifts! The best part is that almost all of these items are under $15.

1. I have this exact gold framed calendar and honestly look forward to creating new lettering for each month and mapping out my days. I literally look up different handwriting styles and play around with them each month. If you have to look at it every day - should be cute right? It's also eco-friendly since you reuse it instead of throwing away calendar paper.

2. Fun pens. Enough said.

3. This unicorn head pen holder is super cute - the exact one I have is a gold baby deer head but very similar!

4. I have gold paper clips that get little gold bits everywhere so I wouldn't suggest them but these little flamingo ones are precious and cheap! Also come in pineapple.

5. A pretty coaster is a great way to save your desk from rings and bring some cheer. I have one that says "Do Your Best."

7. I have this exact mouse pad in gold marble. Can't beat it for the price!

8. I also have this exact trinket dish that holds my cute paper clips but this little turtle one is also very cute!

10. I have an agate box on my desk that I use to hold mints, tea packets, cough drops, and the like.

11. I have been eyeing this acrylic tissue box holder for some time.

12. A cheeky little mug to match your cheeky little notepad.

13. I have these little animal head pins to tack up my boring schedules. My boss laughs and calls them my "kills" as if I were a tiny animal hunter.

14. Plants are an easy way to freshen up any area. This one is a parlor palm, I have one home and it's very hard to kill.

15. Some personal photos! I used Frambridge to frame one of my favorite Instagram photos and hung it up in my cube for smiles. Under $40!

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