January 31, 2013

..Mary-Jane Wedges

The deets: Macy's blouse; J.Crew wool cropped pants; Seams to Be hat; Steve Madden bag; Revlon "Certainly Red" lipstick; Michael Kors watch; gifted gold "E" necklace; Ray-Ban sunnies;  ALDO Mary-Jane wedges (super old old old but this shape is almost identical).

These little mary-jane wedges have been in my closet for about six years now.  They are just one of those items that I can't throw away because "maybe they will come back in style and I'll be really sad that I got rid of them."  Do you guys have anything like that that you've brought back into the rotation? I'm by no means a hoarder as I constantly pawn my old stuff off on my little sister donate things I no longer wear, but some things just seem to make the cut every time, like these shoes.


January 30, 2013

..The Equipment Blouse


I'm currently coveting this Equipment mint blouse.

I love this lovely classic shape that also happens to be in my all time favorite color. Great at the office with a pencil skirt or layered with a jacket, jeans, and boots. If only it were a little less expensive...as soon as I see this baby on sale I WILL make it mine! Basic. Brilliant. Beautiful.  Enough said.  

..Tortellini Soup

All this smack-you-in-the-frostbite-face DC weather really put me mood for some homemade soup.  I strongly feel that a warm bowl of homemade deliciousness is the temporary antidote for a bad case of the January's.  This recipe I can proudly say is my own little brainchild and turned out even better than I had hoped.  Feel free to test it out and let me know what you think!

Ingredients (Makes a TON of soup by the way)
2 cans condensed tomato soup
2 cups milk
2 cups Half-and-half
1/2 cup water
1 box of chicken stock
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoons Salt
½ teaspoons Pepper
2 teaspoons Italian seasoning
1 large 18 oz package of tortellini
1 can cannelloni beans
1 package mushrooms, chopped
1 bag fresh baby spinach
1/2 onion, chopped
2 teaspoons of extra-virgin olive oil
Shredded Gouda (or whatever cheese you prefer)

1. Saute the chopped onion in the olive oil for a few minutes until tender in a large soup pot.
2. Add in the water, tomato soup, half and half, milk, and chicken stock and bring to a simmer.
3. Stir in the spinach, mushrooms, beans, tortellini and seasonings and let simmer for about 8-10 minutes.
4. Ladle into bowl and sprinkle with Gouda. YUMMMMMMY!


January 28, 2013


The deets: GAP jeans and sweater; J.Crew boots (scored on super sale); Ray-Ban sunnies; Piperlime clutch (old).

So I you know how I have an affinity for polka dotted everythings?  Well I saw these pants and just couldn't help myself.  I need polka-rehab.  The minute this trend goes out of style I am in big trouble because I will have nothing to wear..or maybe it already has and I'm like one of those women that peaked in the 80's and continues to tease her bangs even though everyone knows it's no longer socially acceptable to do so...what if I peaked in the polka phase...is that better or worse than 80's bangs?  Ahh!

(Dear friends, please don't let me become that lady. Thank you.)


January 24, 2013

..The Deborah Lippmann GIRLS Collection

I'm currently coveting this Deborah Lippmann for HBO's GIRLS nail polish set.

GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!  Is anyone else also obsessed with the show Girls?  If you are addicted like I am, check out this amazeballs collab with Deborah Lippmann.  Each character from the show has their own signature shade to sort of sum up each of their individual personalities.  The set includes the following polishes: Hannah - Hapless Hunter Green; Marnie - Prim And Proper Pink; Shoshanna - Virtuous Vivid Violet; Jessa - Bohemian Burgundy.  If I had to chose a favorite I think Shoshes would be it (or it could be because shes my favorite character) but each one pretty fabulous so, boom  PRE-ORDERED!  I should probably mention that these babies are normally at least 20 bucks a pop, so getting 4 for $45 isn't too bad.

January 22, 2013

..Furry Vests

The deets: GAP jeans (on super sale now); Frye boots; Ray-Ban sunnies; Steve Madden bag; J.Crew tee; ABS Allen Schwartz vest via Marshalls; Essie "Wicked" nails.

Mike and I went down to Virginia Beach over the long weekend for a little "staycation" which was totally fun.   Mike got to see all his old pals, we hit up a bunch of local micro-breweries, and I went shooting for the first time.  I thought wearing a fur vest would make me appear more bad-ass and give me some street cred in that "hey, I could have shot this" kind of way, which I am sure was completely negated by the fact that I cried the first time I pulled the trigger (majorly embarrassing) .  After my brief panic attack subsided I actually did pretty good!  I shot a few bullseyes (if you follow me on instagram you probably saw my target - brushing my shoulders off over here), which made for a great reason to celebrate over friend pickles at a local bar.  How were your holiday weekends?


January 17, 2013

..Hearts and Bows

I'm currently coveting this Ruche heart ring and this mint bow bracelet.

My last couple of coveted items were a little on the expensive side, but today we have a pair of the cutest, daintiest, girliest little trinkets that just barely even cost real money.  They would make perfect little "thinking of you" or "just because" gifts (hint hint).  I think the minty bow bracelet packs all of the Kate Spade-esqe adorableness at a much better price point.  The ring needs no explanation, I have a weakness for heart shaped objects.

January 16, 2013

..Shop My Closet


You can now shop previously loved items from my closet here. I'd love your feedback, so let me know what items you like, which ones you don't, what you think of the prices, and what you'd like to see more of. I have piles of stuff I'm thinking of putting up there but thought I'd put a handful of things up for now to test the waters.  Thanks, guys!

January 15, 2013

..Brights in the Rain

The deets: J.Crew top and skirt; ALDO heels; Express trench; Rebecca Minkoff mini bag; borrowed umbrella.

Rain rain go away, come again another day...preferably not the weekend though, is that cool? Great. Pictures are hard to take in the icky weather so this was all I was able to capture. Bright colors for a very gray day.  Nothing too exciting to report on this Tuesday morning, if you are in DC, stay dry folks.  I'm out.


January 11, 2013

..A Dial-A-Smile (Whitening Lightning) Review


So I guess this would more fall under the "previously coveted, then purchased" category but I longed to try it for so long that even though I was disappointed, I thought I should share my experience with you guys.

My rating: 2 out of 5.

Okay so I'm sure many of you have heard of this product, as it's pimped out all over the internet by bloggers and celebs alike.  Started up in the land of hotness (L.A.) much like the taco trucks we have here in DC, they apparently they have teeth whitening trucks, which is how the product started.  I of course bought into the hype and while I wasn't willing to spend the whopping $478 to try it out, when I saw it pop up on ideeli for just $69.99 I jumped on the chance.

The product claims to white your teeth 4-7 shades in just 20 minutes with no sensitivity, which sounds life changing and awesome.  Sign me up.  When my box finally arrived I excitedly matched my current shade with the nifty tooth color wheel and found that I was about a seven.  Not too bad.  I took out the magical LED light which is provided to you to set up the batteries correctly and make sure it turned on.  Nope.  No such luck.  I then go out to CVS to buy the weirdly small batteries it takes just in case that was the problem, but no.  My light just didn't work.  I reached out to customer service, which admittedly was really great (and the reason they got that extra point), the woman took down my name and told me someone would get back to me ASAP Monday morning (since it was the weekend).  To my surprise, on NYE, I already had a shipping confirmation for my new LED sitting in my mailbox.  Super.

Round two, everything is working.  I use the vitamin E to protect my gums, dry my teeth with the little finger towel thing, dispense the proper amount of gel into the little plastic jar, and start painting my teeth. The first thing I notice is there is WAY to much product in the little jar.  Probably enough for a whole second go at this, so I throw it and the syringe that holds the rest of the goop into the refrigerator (as recommended) while I popped the light in my mouth and waited the twenty minutes for the magic to happen.

To my surprise there was absolutely no sensitivity!  To my dismay, however, my teeth looked pretty much exactly the same as they did 20 minutes ago.  Boo.  I look to my tooth color wheel and my fears are confirmed.  No change. WHAT? HOW? WHY?  I must have done something wrong so I go back and reread the instructions.  It says you can do the process again right away if you wish, so I did just that.  Twenty more minutes later I check again, and like the first time, no real change, possibly half a shade lighter.

I immediately turn to the internet (obviously) and try to find a reason why it's not working on me.  I type in every possible search combination but turn up nothing.  In fact, there is not ONE single negative review of this stuff ANYWHERE, which was starting to creep me out/piss me off.  All the reviews are by people who were gifted the product, or testimonials from the Whitening Lightning site itself.  Weird.  Useless.  I give up for the night.

The next day I try it again.  Then again on the weekend. My teeth are maaaaaaaybe 1.5 shades lighter and honestly since I was also using the whitening pen at night that came in the combo kit, I can't tell you if it was from the dial-a-smile kit or the pen.

In conclusion, do not buy this product unless its on super sale somewhere because there is a chance that the results turn out like mine (lame).  The only reason I even gave it 2 stars is because they do have great customer service, if you have sensitive teeth, it really causes no irritation, and my teeth are a liiiiiittle bit whiter at the end of the day.  Maybe I'll change my tune after I use up the last two applications (maybe all the magic is in the bottom) but until then I say skip it.

January 9, 2013

..The ShoeMint Zoe Pump

I'm currently coveting the ShoeMint studded "Zoe" pump

I don't know what it is with me lately, but anytime I see something bedazzled in spikes, I want it.  These are so elegant being a classic feminine shape yet bad-ass at the same time because they are COVERED in studs. Oh and aaaalso super girly/fun because they're sparkly.  This is such a nice switch from the ever popular gold, and on sale to boot!  What more could you really ask for in a shoe (I mean aside from being conformable, but who really needs that)?

January 8, 2013

..Black Leather

The deets: Guess leather jacket (gift); Frye boots; Ray-Ban sunnies; GAP jeans and gloves; Steve Madden bag; Express blouse.

Hey guys!  In case you were wondering (and why wouldn't you?), this is what I look like on Saturday morning walks with our pup.  Makeupless, giant sunnies to cover my ickface, layered up, flat shoes, and rocking awesomely tangled messy hair (I'm hoping this look somehow catches on because I'm having less and less patients for doing it - trail blazer right here).  Here's to unglamorousness and my best attempt at making a serious model face.  Oh, aaaand I wore this outfit the night before on a girl date that involved Magic Mike, red wine, and dark chocolate, so there's probably even a stain on it somewhere if you look hard enough.  Ya know, just keepin' it real over here at Currently Coveting.


January 7, 2013

..Game Day Snacks

Although the skinnies didn't win this weekend, we did take some time to prepare the cutest little Redskin's colored game day treats (or the closest colors we could find as they didn't have burgundy chocolate) for a friends little shindig, so I thought I'd share.  Also - let's pretend it doesn't look like ketchup and mustard squirted on a hotdog.  So easy, totally festive, crowd pleasing, and you can really do this for any team as long as they make the candy melts in your colors.  All you need are pretzel rods, milk chocolate, and your team colors chocolate chips.  Melt chocolate in the microwave, dip, let dry on wax paper then melt the colored chocolate in piping bags and drizzle.  No one can be too upset over a loss with a chocolate covered pretzel in hand, right?  Yeah maybe not, but chocolate ALWAYS beats no chocolate.  So there.

January 6, 2013

..Golden Spikes

The deets:  F21 blouse; GAP jeans; ALDO loafers; ASOS spike bracelet; Michael Kors watch; Ray-Ban sunnies; David Yurman ring.

Saturday was the day I woke up and said "I'm going to drape myself in every spiky thing I own today and see what happens."  This was the outcome. Spiky shoes, spiky bracelet, spiky buttons.  Basically a game of connect-the-dots for my not so great at fashion brain. Win!  Also -  pay no attention to the creepy hooded man in the back of that last photo, no one was harmed in the making of this post.

P.S. I have opened up an online shop where you can snag things from my closet.  Link is on the left and also here.

P.P.S. Don't forget there is still time to enter the Prettymints giveaway here.


January 3, 2013

Prettymints Giveaway!


This is the fabooshka Swarovski crystal and pearl bracelet I wore NYE! I just left off the pink one for the night. The three bracelets actually even come with a cute bow that keeps them together (see here) if you want but I took mine off. You can win one of these beauts for yourself simply by visiting Prettymints and leaving a comment below telling me what piece is your fav and how you'd style it! Easy enough! As always, there are tons of extra ways to enter.   If you guys like fun affordable baubles like me, you're totally going to thank me for introducing you to this site...or curse me because you're going to want EVERYTHING!

..The Rebecca Minkoff Large Quilted Affair

I'm currently coveting the Rebecca Minkoff Large Quilted Affair.

I have finally found you! Ahh how good it feels to have the hunt for the perfect neutral bag be over.  Too bad my monthly resolution for January is to not shop at all.  Don't you fret, as soon as February hits, YOU WILL BE MINE.

P.S. This is my new Thursday thing. I'm going back to the "roots" of this blog and letting you know what I am "currently coveting" each week. Like it? Love it? Hate it? Well it doesn't matter all that much because I'MMA DO IT ANYWAY.

January 1, 2013

..Happy New Year!

The deets: Banana Republic dress; ALDO pumps; Gigi New York clutch; Lancome "Midnight Rose" lipstick; bracelets c/o Prettymints.

I (like most of you little party animals) spent New Year's Eve getting prettied up to go spend the evening with my very best friends to ring in the new year the right way (with booze, cliche paper hats, live music, and a midnight kiss of course).  I was just not feeling full on sparkles this year so I opted for something more girly and fun to dance and twirl around in.  2012 was quite a trip, bring it on 2013!

P.S. racing my boyfriend home in these heels was probably the worst. idea. ever.  My ankle is pretty pissed off at me for making such a poor drunken decision.  I do not recommend it.

P.P.S. Look out for a chance to win the Prettymints bracelets like mine later in the week. All of her Swarovski pieces like the one shown can be customized by color and right now you can get 20% off all orders with code NEWYEAR20.

In case you haven't heard, Prettymints is a brand that believes that fashion shouldn't be unattainable (like me!).  No one knows better than I do that a fun statement piece can change up your simple look in an instant.  They team up directly with jewelry designers so they can offer their customers the latest trends at affordable prices, which is pretty awesome.