April 29, 2013

..Shaking It Up

The deets: GAP camo print jeans (sold out - similar); Boutique 9 heels (old but still being sold here on sale!); Ray-Ban sunnies; Steve Madden bag; Forever 21 top; necklace c/o Lisa Leonard; ASOS spike bracelet.

One of my besties was in town last weekend from NY and we had a such fun time together. Even though the night included a seriously epic journey to a friends place involving one car break down, getting lost in pouring rain, spike heels, and one umbrella split between us, we always manage to find the humor in any situation.  We busted Siri out, found the party, blew dry our outfits in the bathroom, and immediately made our way to the shot station. She is one fun chick who inspires me to take more fashion risks and break out of my normal signature style uniform. Camo print and pastels, man. Shaking things up over here.

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April 25, 2013

..Station Leather Necklaces

..Leather Station Necklaces

I'm currently coveting station leather necklaces.

Everyone seems to love this House of Harlow 1960 station leather necklace and I can see why.  It's really a great piece for adding on that little extra edge and style to any outfit. Turns out there is a perfect duplicate of it hanging out at Wet Seal.  This definitely seems like a trendier piece that I might not get as much wear out of in a year or two so I am totally okay with rocking the cheaper version and spending that extra $65 dollars on something else. What do you guys think?

April 24, 2013


The deets: GAP jeans (destroyed myself); ShoeMint heels (under $40 now!); H&M earrings; clutch (gift from my bro - similar); Trouve top (similar).

I wore this outfit to a birthday party last Friday. We made plans to eventually make our way to a local bar to see a cover-band and I wasn't quite sure how to dress, so I basically threw on a bunch of my favorite things and crossed my fingers with the hope that it didn't look totally whack. Not sure if I would ever wear this again but it was super comfortable. I felt too dressed down in just the casual tee and destroyed denim so I added on my crazy, sparkly, spiky shoes and fun earrings to balance it out...or to look like I got dressed in the dark, you know? Either or.

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April 22, 2013

..DIY Tribal Print iPhone Case


I thought I'd share my most recent DIY with you guys because the possibilities are endless! You can totally do any print you want - tribal was just what I was feeling (recent obsession). Super affordable and easy. I purchased a blank iPhone case from Etsy here (only $2.50!) and went to town. If you decide to try it out please email me pretty pics of your personalized cases, I'd love to see what you create!

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April 21, 2013

..Striped Maxis and Rooftops

The deets: Wet Seal dress; F21 jacket; Nordstrom fedora (similar); DV Dolce Vita shoes; Gigee Marie clutch; Ray-Ban sunnies; Michael Kors watch; link bracelets c/o Color by Amber.

Rooftop/patio/BBQ season is upon us and nothing compliments it better than a maxi dress. This cozy cotton one only cost me a measly thirteen dollars (if you read this blog regularly you know I have a shopping addiction and the only store within walking distance is Wet Seal), so fun-time penalties like spilling beer and/or dripping mustard all over myself aint no thang. 

Also - how cool are these bracelets? They are made from 40% recycled materials so basically I'm helping the planet and accessorizing at the same time and that = WIN WIN!

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April 18, 2013

..The Cynthia Vincent Tribal Print Clutch

I'm currently coveting this Cynthia Vincent tribal print banker's clutch.

How cute is this clutch for the summer months? It would basically go with everything I wear as I have a neon and neutral obsession. Tribal print is also popping up all over the place so this little beaut would be just the dollop of trendiness you need to spice up your pieces from last year! If only it were half the price (I know, I know, I say that about everything but it's true! You wont catch this girl buying anything at full price because I have been enlightened/horrified by besties in the accessories business about the real cost of things).

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April 15, 2013

..Signature Style

The deets: Express blazer; GAP jeans; J.Crew tee; Target x Prabal shoes; Steve Madden bag; Elizabeth and James sunnies; Anne Klein necklace; Kate Spade earrings; Lancome "Midnight Rose" lipstick. All photos c/o the lovely Natalie of The Fashionably Broke.

This happens to be what I wore to my blogger bestie brunch on Sunday. I think I have recently discovered that my "signature style" (or the type of outfit I feel most like myself in) is mostly neutral with a zing of bright color and some fab shoes thrown in for good measure (also seen here, here and here). That's officially my recipe for looking and feeling good, feel free to try it out and report back with your tweaks. After I made this realization I became much better at shopping with intent and putting together looks on the go. What's your signature look?  I'd love to know!

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..Life Lately


Why hello there. I don't have a regularly scheduled post today because my weekend was so jam packed with fun activities, there really wasn't any time for blogging. Just thought I would share some of the highlights with you which include  the best baseball seats of my life - Nats v Braves, birthday brats and brews at Biergarten Haus with friends, celebratory drinks with a bestie at Virtue Feed and Grain for making the Redskinettes a second year, and a fabulous blogger brunch organized by Ashley at Urbana complete with homemade lollipops. Have a great Monday!

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April 11, 2013

..Mint & Citrus

The deets: Francesca's dress; vintage necklace; South Moon Under bag (old); Enzo Angiolini shoes; Elizabeth and James sunnies. Photos c/o Lindsay

Wearing bold prints to the office is not uncommon for me, especially when the weather is as gorgeous as it has been. We've been able to lunch like ladies outside in the park this week which makes my soul feel renewed and the workday pass at a much faster rate due to the thoroughly enjoyable break. I feel a little like a 50's housewife in this look with the cat eyes, vintage necklace, and a-line dress, but I always said if I could choose a different decade to live in, it would be that one, so I love it! Happy weekend.

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April 10, 2013

..The J.Crew Color Mix Statement Necklace

I'm currently coveting the J.Crew Color Mix Statement Necklace.

Doesn't this beauty look sweet enough to eat? It's candy colored gem stones work perfectly together, but the fact that it's slightly asymmetrical and mismatched gives it a really up to date feel (I mean...leave it to J.Crew, right?). I love adding a crazy statement necklace when I can and ALWAYS get compliments on this one (also seen here).  Unfortunately it's a buy from over two years ago and I haven't really been able to find a good similar option out there.  This one is definitely fabulous!

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April 8, 2013

..Gingham Style

The deets: J.Crew button-down; J.Crew Factory skirt; Ray-Ban sunnies; Ivanka Trump heels; Anne Klein necklace; Steve Madden bag; Kate Spade earrings; Lancome "Violette Croquette" lipstick; Michael Kors watch.

I know there's some silly rule floating around out there about wearing white before some very specific day of the year, but I think it's absolute donkey booty. That's right I said it. Until someone tries to write me a fashion ticket, I'm going to wear white if I dang well please. The tempurature finally rose above 50 degrees and if that's not a reason to throw on your purple gingham and have a white skirt party, I don't know what is.

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..Chocolate Milk Pancakes


Last week on I thought to myself "today is the perfect morning for pancakes." I then walked into the kitchen and realized I had all the ingredients to make this dream happen with the exception of milk...bummer...but wait, there's a whole boatload of chocolate milk in here and like...that's the same thing, right? Duh, light-bulb moment. I tossed in some Cadbury mini eggs I had laying around (about four per pancake as they are huge) and boom - fancy pants chocolate chip pancakes, y'all.

1 cup flour
2 tablespoons baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup chocolate milk
2 tablespoons melted butter
Cadbury mini eggs (optional)

1. Mix all dry ingredients together, then add in the wet. Whisk until fully combined.
2. On medium heat, drop a few tablespoons of the batter onto the greased pan at a time. Drop in Cadbury eggs, then when the batter starts bubbling, flip it over. Cook for another minute on the the other side then start stacking them up to serve!

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April 4, 2013

..The Milly Piped Pencil Skirt

I'm currently coveting the Milly Piped Pencil Skirt.

You guys know I love a good pencil skirt, be it brightly colored, polka-dotted, striped, or even leopard print. Obviously when I saw this little number my heart sang (until it screamed in fear when it saw the price-tag). I love the pastels, the fun print, and the chic piping that keeps it structured. Praying for it to go on sale so I can pounce!

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April 1, 2013

..Bright Blazers

The deets: J.Crew blazer; GAP jeans; Piperlime tank and bag; Betsy Johnson chain necklace; Ray-Ban sunnies; Shoemint wedges (similar); Essie "Bikini so Teeny" nails; Michael Kors watch.

On Saturday morning the evil winter gods decided to turn spring loose for a bit which resulted in a gloriously perfect day.  Obviously, if you weren't on a rooftop somewhere having a libation while letting your forehead and nose roast you weren't taking full advantage of this gift. Although it was followed up by the dreariest of rainy days, it totally reignited my excitement for the upcoming months. Bring on the brightly colored everythings (blazers especially), outdoor partying, and general good time having.  I'm ready!

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The deets: Piperlime skirt; ShoeMint heels; J.Crew tee; Cynthia Rowley jacket; Express clutch; Elizabeth and James sunnies.

Dina of Sweetest Somethings asked me to do a little colab-post on ways to wear peplum.  Of course I said yes as I love this trend and her adorable blog. I chose a mini skirt version paired with a fancy tweed jacket and she chose a long sleeve zip up.  Two totally different pieces, one fun trend. I dig it because it's an ultra lady-like look while also being one awesome disguise for my boo-tay (or a totally awesome fake-out for those with less of a boo-tay if ya know what I mean). Here's to hoping this style has some staying power!

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